What Happens When a Soft Drink Brand Is Scared By Its Own Journalism?

Red Bull is famous for selling orange-tinted poison, but over the past few years it has become increasingly well-known in certain circles for hawking a product much less profitable than energized swill: music, and writing about music. This week, a writer found out what happens when a brand dipping its toes into… » 2/27/15 10:40am Friday 10:40am

Taylor Swift Debuts New Memes During Kanye West BRIT Awards Performance

Kanye West performed a new song called "All Day" at the BRIT Awards (don't ask!) today, but it wasn't even the most important debut of the night. No, that came from Taylor Swift, who revealed two new instant classic award show memes: Taylor Swift Slackjawed During Kanye West Performance and Taylor Swift Dancing… » 2/25/15 5:15pm 2/25/15 5:15pm

Kanye West Stars in the Saddest Photo Shoot Ever

Kanye West is over in the UK today for the BRIT Awards, which is like the Grammys but somehow more meaningless. In London he stopped at a Nando's, which is like Boston Market but somehow more meaningful, and reportedly decided to try and eat lunch in peace by telling the assembled crowd, "Whoever wants a motherfucking… » 2/25/15 3:27pm 2/25/15 3:27pm

Who's To Say a Bloated Jon Hamm Didn't Catch a Giant Catfish in Italy?

The photo you see above is of a man holding an obscenely large catfish measuring nearly 9 feet in length and weighing 266 pounds. The man is wading in the Po Delta in Italy, where he says he caught the fish. He says that his name is Dino Ferrari. He does not say that his name is Jon Hamm. » 2/24/15 3:00pm 2/24/15 3:00pm

AP: Aaron Schock Used Donor Funds For Private Flights, Katy Perry Show

Aaron Schock, GOP boy wonder, might soon have some problems that are much larger than office decorations or, uh, that other stuff. According to a new AP report, the Illinois representative used over $75,000 in campaign donor funds since 2011 for private air travel, several concerts—including a Katy Perry show—and,… » 2/23/15 6:56pm 2/23/15 6:56pm

John Travolta's Oscars 2015 Message: I Love Women Sexually

After staying completely silent for a torturously long period of one year, John Travolta finally broke his legendary silence on his gaffe from last year's Oscars. It turns out that he didn't call Idina Menzel "Adel Dazeem" because he just figured it couldn't be that hard to introduce an award show performance, but… » 2/23/15 11:53am 2/23/15 11:53am

John Travolta Interacts Naturally With Woman's Face

John Travolta and Idina Menzel presented Best Original Song tonight with a bit that referenced Travolta's pronunciation screw up at last year's Academy Awards, which you certainly have never forgotten nor wished to forget. The whole thing was totally boring and predictable but it did include a very normal interaction… » 2/22/15 11:43pm 2/22/15 11:43pm

Good New Rumor: Taylor Swift Is Dating One of Haim's Exes

If we've learned anything so far this year it's that the newly and heavily pro-friendship Taylor Swift really loves Haim. The indie rock superstars were punching above their weight class mugging it up with A-list celebs at Taylor's birthday, and recently the three sisters went on vacation with her to Hawaii. This… » 2/20/15 4:15pm 2/20/15 4:15pm

Oscars Voters' Unsurprising Confessions: We Are Crazy and Racist

The Hollywood Reporter is running a great series right now called "Brutally Honest Oscar Ballots" in which a real life Academy voter is granted anonymity in exchange for full candor in evaluating this year's nominations. The pieces are good if you would like to know what films might win awards this year, but even… » 2/20/15 9:55am 2/20/15 9:55am

R.I.P. The Situation's Jersey Strip Mall Tanning Salon, 2014-2015

A poet once wrote that only the good die young. Never has that statement rung truer across the Eastern seaboard than five days ago when the strip mall tanning salon owned and operated by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was shutdown by its landlord. Let us now remember the greatest business ever owned by a reality show… » 2/17/15 2:55pm 2/17/15 2:55pm

The Devil and God Raged Inside North West at New York Fashion Week

Would you take your baby to a fashion show? You probably wouldn't. What baby could enjoy a fashion show, and what person could enjoy a fashion show while tending to a baby? Of course, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are not normal people, and their daughter North West is not a normal baby. And so it was with North's… » 2/16/15 5:45pm 2/16/15 5:45pm

Taylor Swift in New Video: I'm a Ghost!

Taylor Swift haunts her friends, constructing dioramas of their lives in the rooms of her apartment. Taylor Swift haunts her fans, drawing them to her home and then peering at them secretly from inside her bathroom. Taylor Swift haunts the internet, pre-registering insane URLs nobody understands. And in the video for… » 2/13/15 12:05pm 2/13/15 12:05pm